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Freestanding Crucible Little Dragon

Product Number: MO-CRUCIBLE


The Freestanding Crucible Little Dragon furnace/glory hole combination has a freestanding crucible, and is side-fired instead of top-fired. We designed this one with versatility in mind - melt a single large pot of glass, or try several smaller crucibles to have multiple color pots at once!* The crucibles are much more easily interchangeable than our standard Little Dragon. See our videos on YouTube for details on the process. Slower heat-up is recommended to help prolong the life of your crucible(s).**


  • Double Yoke with stainless steel bearings
  • Pipe Hanger (for working solo)
  • Pipe Warming Stand
  • Push/Pull Handle
  • Base with Heavy Duty Casters
  • Side-Fire Burner Train with Proof of Air Safety System
  • Propane Gas Feed Package
  • Mini Marver (16" x 8"; 41cm x 20cm)​
  • Side Ports: 2

Dimensions (disassembled): 31” D x 34” W x 56” H (79cm D x 86cm W x 143cm H)
Dimensions (assembled furnace with accessories - not including bench, annealer, marver, etc.): 90" D x 48" W x 78" H (229cm D x 122cm W x 198cm H)
Curb Weight (approx.): 850 pounds (385 kg)

Capacity: Variable as follows:
one 95lb (43kg) crucible - add $495 USD
one 60lb (27kg) crucible - add $325 USD
one 30lb (13kg) - add $195 USD, with two 15lb (7kg) crucibles - add $170 USD ($85 USD Each)
three 15lb (7kg) smaller crucibles - add $255 USD ($85 USD Each)

Electrical: Blower is 120V AC, 1A (240V available)
Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas, 14” W.C./35mb maximum
Fuel Consumption: Propane: +/- 1 gallon or +/- 3 kg per hour; Natural gas: +/- 12 cubic ft or 3.86 cubic meters per hour
Recommended maximum operating temperature: 2350 F (~1288 C)
Maximum Working Dimensions: 9” x 9” x 20” (23 x 23 x 51 cm)
Standard Finish: powder coated steel frame and hand applied dragon scale textured stainless steel.

*Important note about melting color: We do not provide technical information about melting color. It is up to the Dragon owner/user(s) to follow appropriate safety protocols according to your local, state, and/or federal guidelines for hazardous materials. The Dragon owner is responsible for conducting their own research and safe operations, and for any potential infractions and their consequences that may result from the use of this or any other Dragon furnace or related equipment. Mobile Glassblowing Studios, LLC assumes no liability for Dragon owner and/or user's operation of equipment.

**Important note about free standing crucibles: Careful attention to slow heat-up and cool-down is advised to prolong the life of your crucible(s). Due to the variable nature of firing a free standing crucible, the crucibles are not covered under warranty. We recommend having a back-up crucible on hand at all times so that you can continue to work even in the event of crucible failure. As always, we recommend removing unused glass from your crucible at the end of your work session prior to cool-down.

All MGS equipment is built to order, please contact for current lead times.
All MGS equipment ships directly from the factory in Americus, GA
MGS manufacturer's equipment warranty and refund policies apply.

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