System 96® Nuggets

Non-Borax Studio Nuggets®

Product Number: SYSTEM-96-S


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Formulated for Studio Melting - Formulated for Studio Blowing, Fusing and Slumping. Available in handy 50 lb bags. 40 bags to a pallet weighing 2000 lbs. Please call for a shipping quote. Made in USA.

From Spectrum:
We have removed Borax as an ingredient in our newly reformulated Studio Nuggets®. By removing Borax, we are able to create two new benefits for Studio Nuggets users:

Increased refractory life in blower's furnaces

Ability to manipulate the glass longer when at the upper end of the working range (as compared to the original Studio Nuggets Formula). The new Studio Nuggets continue to be fully compatible with System 96® products.

Studio Nuggets packaging reflects the new formula with a fresh look to clearly identify it. The new bag design is printed in Rustic Orange (as shown) and full pallets of the new product will be shrink-wrapped in Orange.

As with any new blowing material or formula change, we recommend you "wash" your furnace before introducing the new formula Studio Nuggets. We do not recommend mixing the old formula with the new one in your furnace. New Studio Nuggets require a slightly hotter charging schedule (approximately 25º F). Please see the updated melting and annealing guidelines on the new site here for complete information.

Of Note:
Original System Studio Nuggets have been discontinued.
Our Premium Nuggets 2.0 formula remains unchanged.

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Spectrum Nuggets changed my glass melting experience instantly. It fines out in a few hours probably because of the size and shape of the nuggets. The glass is so clear I had to say it is right there with the lead crystal I blew in Finland. The working time is plenty good. This is perfect for the small garage band glassblower, it is no fuss and hasn't cracked from any frit or rod I have bought. If you are still melting bottle glass and using additives throw it away and move up 20 years.

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