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What's New

Questions about Nuggets production? Read the Spectrum FAQ here.

The Future of Spectrum® Glass Nuggets®
Good news for Spectrum glass blowing customers! After receiving a tremendous volume of requests to continue making Nuggets, we are now planning long-term production of Nuggets, as a new and separate business venture.
We have determined that Nuggets can continue to be produced in a smaller, more modern facility in Eastern Washington, closer to raw material sources and renewable hydroelectric power. The new facility will be designed so that the Nuggets can be manufactured using an electric melt furnace to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the product.
Because setting up the new facility will take some time to accomplish, we now plan to continue producing Nuggets in Woodinville through summer 2017. The current furnaces have significant life remaining, as they were originally planned for ongoing sheet glass production, which will no longer be made in our facility beyond September 2016.
In addition to the new furnace, the Studio Nuggets formula will be modified to increase refractory life in blower’s furnaces, similar to Premium Nuggets, by eliminating the use of Borax. These formula changes also result in a longer working range than the existing Studio Nuggets formula and will continue to be fully compatible with System 96® products.
To continue producing Nuggets without sheet glass production, a price increase will go into effect beginning for orders that ship from the factory after September 16th, 2016. The distribution of Nuggets will remain unchanged and so please check with your Nuggets supplier for updated pricing.
We are still in discussions regarding the sale and transfer of our company’s equipment, formulas, and brand names for our line of sheet art glass, and System 96 sheet glass. Stay tuned for further updates!
- Your friends at Spectrum Glass Co.


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