Books about Glassworking | Olympic Color Rods


Advanced Glassblowing Techniques
 $32.95 each
Ed's Beginning Glassblowing
 $24.95 each
Frit Secrets (Condensed) by Val Cox
 $19.95 each
Firing Schedules for Glass: The Kiln Companion
 $50.00 each
Glass An Artist's Medium
 $34.95 each
 Life on the Rails by Steven Ciezki
 $65.00 each
"No Green Berries or Leaves" by Paul Stankard
 $29.95 each
'Art of Fire' DVD and Book Set
 $75.00 each
Art of Fire - Beginning Glassblowing
 $40.00 each
The Glassworkers Bathroom Reader
 $24.95 each